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Bergen Fringe Festival was established in 2017. We have, since then, invited artist from across the world to a four days international performing arts festival to the heart of Norway; Bergen. The festival’s program defines itself by having the artists and companies themselves announce their interest in participating. The program is then created by a program committee consisting of various professionals within the performing arts environment. The program is put together after a professional assessment of the applications that come in from artists and companies. Fringe can present an artistic offering that is free from any commercial influence, one that also captures the innovative currents that are relevant at any given time, precisely by facilitating an attractive display arena, with a relatively low participation threshold. The festival offers artists a platform for artistic exploration and experimentation by opening up for productions in a smaller format. We build a bridge between the professional and the voluntary performing arts field. The established performing arts field in Norway distinguishes itself between the two groups- Bergen Fringe Festival acts as a melting pot for the two fields. We essentially invite the artists and productions based on the assessment of concept, idea and innovation – not on the basis of professionalism and experience.

Dates 2023

The exact spring dates will be announced in due time.  

Festival director as of Sept 1st 2022: Ingvild Bjørnson.


Vestland Fylkeskommune, Bergen Kommune, Sparebanken Vest, Grønn Festival


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