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Lahti Fringe Festival reinforces the urban culture identity and the brand of Lahti. It will support the local artists and culture by giving a platform for artistic development and co-operation with international artists and groups. It will also give local citizens, associations and businesses to be part of this network-driven urban culture event in Lahti.

The Lahti Fringe Festival started in 2018 so the 2021 festival will be the 4th time that the event is held in Lahti. All the most interesting and inspiring performances speak for themselves when we are choosing them. The political and religious agenda is not at the top of our wish list, but we are giving them the fair opportunity as well. Violence does not fit into our festival even on stage.The technical desires and space needs of artists must also match what we can offer them. All art forms are welcome in Lahti.




Lahti Fringe will return in 2024!


Our team is small but very efficient:

Mononen Suvi, Event Coordinator, (Event layout, program coordination, website and social media)

Määttä Inkeri, Event Director, (producing, choosing of performers, media and cooperation)

Student trainee, (emailing with the artists and helping with other event arrangements)


Later this year we will also have other trainees helping with the event. In addition, we will also have technical producers, stage managers etc. Our event is produced by the City of Lahti, which allows us to utilize our various common services in the event. The fact that the city owns and produces the event may be a slightly different way to make a Fringe, but it suits us. Just having a lot of other events to do besides Lahti Fringe is sometimes a bit of a challenge, but we love challenges!


City of Lahti, Lahti City Association, Square market of Lahti, LAB University of Applied Sciences


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