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Zagare Fringe Festival first took place in 2015 when Zagare was the Lithuanian Capital of Culture, and is a biennial Festival. The 2021 edition has been moved to 2022 to allow International Artists to be able to come as usual. Our Festival puts an accent on community engagement, and using unusual spaces throughout town for performance and exhibition, and also incorporates an artists' residency. All genres are welcome


Zagare Fringe is coordinated by a small group of people who are passionate about Zagare, with the aim to create inspiring events and an environment for artists and performers from Lithuania and abroad to come together, interact, be creative, inspire and perform at various unique venues in Zagare. The performances take place at exciting and stimulating venues, ranging from a derelict dairy factory to a 19th century palace. 


Zagare is a unique town, with an artistic soul,  with the feel of ‘time stood still’. It isn’t near a motorway, nor a railway line. Zagare is in a regional park with an island feel. Those who visit, intend to. Those who visit, return (except those who visit for the first time on a damp November day ...)


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Dates 2022:

13th - 15th May 


Sarah Mitrikė - Chief Organiser

Židrija Janušaitė - Residency Organiser

Diana Sičiovienė - Project Manager

Andrius Petkauskas - Tech Coordinator


Lithuanian Culture Ministry


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